We're all about music for you. Music Nation PR is a leading UK music PR company that also offers music promotion and marketing services.
We were born out of a genuine love for artists that we think will impact on people’s lives, and we have a knowledge and appreciation of music from the grassroots to the biggest names in the industry.
With offices in London, Cambridge and Berlin, we offer innovative, cost-effective music PR and marketing campaigns for independent artists, entertainment industry clients and record labels large and small. Our clients are based in Britain and around the world.
Check out our music PR services, read some testimonials or subscribe to our press releases. In addition to music PR, we also offer a range of marketing, design services and music website design. We offer full brand naming, activation, intellectual property and communication strategies.


We're all about brands. And we've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world in MUSIC, luxury brands and TECH. Music Nation PR is a consultant-led, full service communications agency.
We specialise in MUSIC, luxury brand and technology disruptors.
Our purpose is to help companies of all sizes unlock the power of their brands. We do this with a team of strategy, creative, public relations, content, digital, experiential and luxury brand specialists.
MUSIC NATION PR is a fully integrated solution, covering everything from ideation and strategy development through to public relations delivery and sponsorship activation.
We have a transformative attitude that challenges the industry way of seeing, thinking and doing.
It’s not just about what people think of a brand but more importantly what they feel.
Our work stands out by being different and brave because we define customers by attitude, not age. We are in the business of ideas. We’re independently owned and boutique sized, this makes us nimble, adaptive and opportunistic.
Great ideas galvanise people, communities and brands.
We consult, collaborate, create and execute across many different clients and industries, always using the simple to solve the complex.
Based in London, the agency’s MUSIC, Tech Startups and Luxury marketing and sponsorship division is famous for disruptive and inventive activation campaigns that have a reputation for driving sales, fame and brand affinity from investments into sponsorship properties, brand ambassadors and public sector schemes.
The luxury & premium technology division is powered by public relations and uses an unrivalled global network and black-book of brands, editors and influencers to create high-end elegant campaigns that engage premium and high-net worth communities.


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ESG Strategy

Adopting ESG principles means that corporate strategy focuses on the three pillars of the environment, social, and governance. 

The 3 Pillars of ESG successful businesses focus on three core essentials: people, process, and product. 

The three pillars of sustainability for businesses are economic viability, environmental protection and social equity.

We can help you make sure your comms strategy delivers on ESG goals and commitments. There is a constant flow of updates from organisations of all kinds who are embedding ESG into their goals and day-to-day activities